When most people think of root canals, their minds immediately go to images of drills and pain. But the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t let all of the myths surrounding root canal therapy stop you from getting this effective tooth-saving procedure.

The Fiction

Root Canals are Painful

Thanks to modern dentistry, root canals are relatively painless. In fact, the whole point of a root canal is to relieve pain caused by damaged tissue. This is accomplished by removing the tissue, eliminating the source of the pain.

Root Canals Cause Illness

This myth is largely based on research undertaken by Dr. Weston Price, whose research from the early 1900s has long since been discredited. Root canal therapy has been perfected since then.

Root Canals are Only Needed if There is Pain

Root canals are not only designed to save living teeth, but also to keep dead teeth from becoming infected. A tooth isn’t just enamel; it also contains nerves and tissue that can become infected or inflamed. Sometimes the patient is not aware of pain, even if a root canal is needed.

Root Canals Require Several Appointments

Root canals can be completed in as little as one or two appointments. It may need a follow-up just to be sure the tooth is fine after the procedure.

The Facts

Root Canals Work

Root canals often allow patients to keep the affected tooth for the rest of their lives. A root canal is designed to stop infections before they start. Success rate is near 95%.

A Root Canal Doesn’t “Kill” the Tooth

Root canals are designed to save the tooth and prevent extraction. The surface of the root is still alive.

The Tooth Should Be Crowned After Treatment

This is true because otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the root canal to begin with. It makes no sense to go through the trouble of removing the infected tissue and nerves without properly sealing and protecting it afterwards.